Radiant Reflections - Relax!..Rejuve!..Rehabilitate!..Radiate!
A traditional European technique where emphasis is placed on relaxation, soothing tired overworked muscles and stress relief.          30minutes~$55, 60minutes~$95, 90minutes~$150
Deep Tissue
Designed to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, increase muscle circulation & improve skin & muscle tone. Our massage is catered to your needs & combines traditional Swedish, pressure point & relaxation techniques.
30minutes~$55, 60minutes~$95, 90minutes~$150
Sports Therapy
A therapeutic massage which utilizes stretching, pressure point, and muscle releasing techniques. Helps athletes perform at their very best.
30minutes~$55, 60minutes~$95, 90minutes~$150
Pregnancy Massage
(prenatal & postpartum)
Prenatal massage treatments are a great way to help you relax by decreasing physical and emotional stress during pregnancy. You and baby will be comfortably supported while special massage techniques are applied to ease tension & the normal discomforts of pregnancy (i.e. backaches, leg cramps, fatigue, swelling, insomnia & headaches). Postpartum massage treatments provide a natural way to aid your body in returning to its pre-pregnancy state.
30minutes~$55, 60minutes~$95, 90minutes~$150
Hot Stone
this luxurious and relaxing treatment perfectly synchronizes tension releasing techniques of Swedish Massage and heated, smooth basalt lava stones to provide the ultimate therapeutic experience. The heated stones are strategically placed on the body to help induce deep relaxation to the muscle tissue. Additionally, your choice of an aromatherapy essential oil will be used to enhance the massage. The combination of the heat of the stones, along with the pressure of the strokes and sensory producing aromatherapy helps allow for an experience of profound relaxation, harmony and comfort.
30minutes~$65, 60minutes~$125, 90minutes~$175
On-Site Chair Massage
Fully clothed massage of 5-15 minutes which target the prime areas of job related stresses~ the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Have an event coming up? Chair massage is great for corporate events, meetings and conventions.
Please call for pricing.
Cancellations & Pricing
When you schedule an appointment, this time is set aside especially for you. If you need to change or cancel your session, please call a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled time or the full fee will apply.  All prices are subject to change.